Swingin’ Around The World — Beantown 2012

Beantown dance camp

Arriving at Beantime on Thursday, I was met at the Airport by Jaime and Alex, Richard had already checked on , he’smy roomie in the suite at Manchester. It was late but we hadn’t seen each other since the show at the Shoenberg , and we gabbed till 3 a,m. we finally said our goodnites ,he had an early class on Friday. I couldn’t make the late night dance. But Beantown was off and running. Tony and Aurilie and I go way back, When we started we were at Wheaton College then next we were at Bryant, and now finally we.re at Endicott, It’s been eight years, here, and the camp is better than ever the students still have the same enthusiasm and I;m happy to say ,Swing is here to stay.Sadly Ryan and Jennie couldn’t come this year because Mikie had test, they are sadly missed. His classes are always the best. But Beantime still swing, at this time in my life, I do more watching and working on my new screen play, Because being around dancers help me to keep up with the generations that keep comimg, , To hear the rhythms of the dancing feet is a joy to my ears.it’s swing, this wonderful thing call swing, it’s the dance of freedom, it’s the release of structured’ it’ allows a dancer to feel the beat , you gotta have a beat,

Today there are a variety of classes, Every style of swing is presented in the classes Some of the interesting teachers are here in Beantown One of the outstanding teachers is the Balboa expert, Sylvia Sims I use to see her when she danced with Jonathan and she had hair down her back, they were the exponets of the Balboa. Then there is Eric Epps who has taken martial arts to another level he combines it with Hip-hop and he calls it

Urban Contemperary’ laden with Hip-Hop. There is every style a dancer would need in their pursuit of a dancing career. The Shim-Sham class is taught by JoeL Damoe . Every kind of swing class is taught here
Dancing,and comraderie is also an added asset to coming to a dance camp,Nothing compares to the warm feeling you get when you see a face you recognized.The evening brought us the Jack and Jill contest that’s the best intro where dancers can meet. You don’t know who you will be partner with and it allows a single girl or a single guy to meet. I found the strictly lindy to top draw, The dancers are getting better every year.the band was Gorden Webster and friends with Naomi Uyama was the vocalist,and they were swinging.

Saturday was a day of classes and a typical dance day The winners of the Jack and Jill was announced by Edgar Herick 3rd A very personable gentleman.

Sunday was a round of classes . but the big event is the performance by the teachers in the beautiful Rose Theatre. It was outstanding and it was directed by the very talentd Evita Arce and her very talented dance partner Micheal Jagger and they did a wonderful comedic duet
Today at 4 oclock I will be doing a talk and a question and answer program for the students
Tony set the stage for me , very impressive, there were two Queen Anne chairs with a table Chippindale, it had a setting fit for a Queen, The students came into the theatre after their classes,everyoneW was intheir places and Aurlie gave the nod,the sound man was ready, my wonderful Jaime,assisted by Alex he calls him Xander, Jaime hit the button and Louis Armstrong began Hello Dolly, then I make my entrance from the rear of the house as the great sings,How cool is that,It was wonderful presentation, I exited with my song ,Swing Baby Swing.it was a gas,

Tuesday was another day of classes,we had a lot checkouts on Mon, So at breakfast it was a little quiet; So I decided to take Richard;s Tai –chi class to help with a little stretch.ouch,but it was good. The evening brought on the Talent Performance ,called Beantown Got Talent, Dave Lasagna. Our in house announcer,began the program introducing Richard Bardu, playing his autoharp The rest of the program was a from students and it’s a rest from classes and it’s fun,

The Beantown competition 2012 Soul Division 1 Jennifer Stout and Jovier Johnson 2 Gabriella Cook and Jon Tigert 3 Nicole Zuckerman andb Carl Nelson. The novice Jack and Jill leads 1 Ryan Lemor ;Wayne Lambert,Dave Tahsea Novice Jack and Jill follows Erica Vess,Moirim,Tara Hughes, Intermediate Jack and Jill, Samuel Coleman, Abby Cohen, Michael Duke,and Natalie Eringros,Matt Gorden, and Tara Dentry Advance Jack and JILL 1 Javier Johnson and Genevieve St.Laurent 2 Daryl Begin and Nicole Zuckerman 3 Shawn Hershey Jennifer Stout Strickly Lindy 1 Daryl Begin and Jennifer Stout 2 Andrew Thigpin and Karen Turman Jon Tigert and Heather Ballew.The Wednesday was our closing, we had a BBQ and open bar ,fireworks by the beach and dance the rest of the night to Glen Cytzer and his syncopators featuring Meschyia Lake. It was great holiday week-end Goodbye till next year, I had a great time and all who came had a ball too’ New announcement i I’ll be working with Linda and I will begin working on my new book, When You Ain;t Got a Horse You Ride Cow.

Keep Swingin!

The Queen/

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