Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp

I arrived in New Orleans on Saturday and was met by Jackie and Mickey. It was great to be back in the big easy. Jackie took me to dinner at the Bombay Club where you know you’re in New Orleans when you taste the food. We had the rest of the night off. Sunday we went to the Jazz Club to hear Germaine Bazzle, the last of the jazz singers. It was a treat! She had a swinging trio backing her. Mickey and I went with her old dance partner Kevin who was assisting her with the dancers on Tuesday. We had a great night, as usual in N.O.

Monday was my first day at the camp which is at the Loyoyal College, and it was seeing the ole gang again. It was like old times. It was also a sad time because Miss Phoebe was not here with us. She’s sadly missed, but her favorite song will be played in her honor, Pops’ favorite song, “It’s a Wonderful World.” The band is also doing my song, “They Call Him Louis”, Germaine Bazzle. have rehearsed the singers very good and I’m very happy with the results. Our Artist In  Residence this year is the wonderful David Murray, saxophonist extroadinaire, all the way from  France and he brought his family with him. The whole gang is back.

Edward [the kid] Jordan, Jazz Camp Artist Director, Kent Jordan, Maynard  Chatters, Jonathan Bloom, Brian Quezerque, Alonzo Bowen, Calvin Johnson, Gregory Agid, Darrel Lavigne, Peter Cho, Marlen Jordan, This year we have guest artist from Cuba, Enrique  Rodriguez, and four exchange   

We did our first  fund raiser  Wednesday night at the Istanbul Club this is when the faculty performs It’s really a jam session for the pros and it allows them a relief from the class room.

Thursday is our final rehearsal and it looks like it’s coming together. The kids are getting it together. My number “They call him Louie” is a gas. I love it. The sound is up there.

Friday, will be our final rehearsal, nerves are on edge, then the rains came. This was a torrent. In New Orleans when it rains, you can bet there wil be flooding. We had a pick up call at six. The rains stop but there was flooding in the side streets and it did affect our audience. Many people couldn’t get there, but we did a good show. I had lots of fun with the audience. These were some of our best kids. They are the young musicans of the future. They know their job. I always tell the parents about their children, they are in good hands these are the best teachers in the world. My philosophy is, “Put a instrument in a childs hand, and they won’t be breaking into your home.” This is the best start in life these youngster will have, and I’m proud to be part of that happening. It was a great concert. Scott got some great footage of the event, We said our goodbyes and prepared to get back to Fort Myers.

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