Herrang Dance Camp 2012

Herrang Dance Camp 2012

Arrived at Herrang on Thursday, sorry, missed my flight, thanks to Elliot, he rebooked me and I caught the next available flight to get here. It’s always great to get back to Herrang it is growing, it’s getting bigger and better. Frankie would be proud. He’s still missed at the camp. They’ve named a new street after him, I was fortunate to stay at the house that’s just across the street from his marker, so every time I come out of the house I greet him, with Good Morning Frankie,

Ryan and Jennie was here the last day before I came. They did their final performance, on Friday, a beautiful number to Nat Cole’s, Love. The camp meeting was the first for me this year. The usual crowd. Lennart was in his best Johnny Carson impersonation, the wonder of Herrang. People of all differences get along. The world can take a lesson from Herrang: Swing is the common denominator, it’s the glue. It’s the tried and true. It Don’t Mean A Thing. If It Ain’t Got That Swing

The teachers this year are some of the most dedicated and committed I have ever met. Simon is here with his partner Nikki, there is Katrine with Elliot, there is Dax and Sarah, Chester is also here.  Sakarias and Frida are here.  They are what’s needed in Herrang because Herrang is special. In the Library is where the students get a chance to meet up with the artists in residence and get to know them on a personal level. Before Ryan and Jenny left they appeared in the Library. Monday night Chazz and I were in the Library. I think I shocked them when I associated dancing with being very sexual. Of course it is. Tuesday we got a chance to see Dawn’s family documentary. It is inspiring. Wednesday, we had Swedish meat balls at the house where I’m staying. Linda is our Swedish cook. And she did a bang up job on the cooking and cleaning. We’re in the last two days of Herrang. It’s been one of the best times for Herrang. The world can take a lesson from Herrang. Here people from all over the world come together to dance. They come for the camaraderie. Thursday, was our last meeting. Chester was in the library. He did a great blues number and his workshop was beyond belief. He produced a production with the young dancers here in Herrang. It was phenomenal. I’ve just hired him to be my producer for my first movie, Murder at the Hop.

Herrang has just celebrated 30 years of the greatest swing camp in history. Everyone is getting ready to depart. Saw Elliot, he’ll be leaving on Saturday. Simon is leaving today. I’ll be leaving for Stockholm. My flight isn’t till Monday, so I get a chance to see Chicago, Lennart’s  new club in Stockholm. And of course there’ll be a lot of dancing. Tonight will be the closing party in Herrang. See you later, Goodbye Herrang, ‘till next year.



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2 Responses to Herrang Dance Camp 2012

  1. gerry dolin says:

    Norma, found your bolg. Love it. Have to do Herrang next year. It’s on the “bucket list”.

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